Self Injury Awareness Day 2012

Today, March 1st, is self injury awareness day. Today is the day when, obviously, people spread awareness of self harm, self injury and self inflicted pain. I personally believe we should always be aware of this, but this is obviously a special day for it.

There are thousands of people affected by self harm, if it is via a friend, family member or themselves. There are many people who have been through it, myself being one of them, and I believe it is something that becomes a big part in your life even if you are recovered/recovering from it.

No one should be made fun of, teased, taunted for self harm. It is never something to joke about. There are various reasons for it whether it is for attention, expression of hurt, to put away guilt, insecurities or depression. Some people have odd reasons for it. Some people have common reasons for it. But it’s not always obvious. That’s why we should be constantly aware of it.

Next time you ask someone if they’re okay, check for signs, are they really? Be sure. People can hide cuts, it’s not always on the wrists, it might not always be ‘a cat’.

I don’t really know why I made this post, I guess it was because I want you guys to be aware?

Sometimes people feel like nothing, sometimes people want to die, sometimes people just need a way out. This can lead to self harm. Or worse, suicide. That’s why we need to try our best to help everyone and anyone out of it. Regardless of whether you like/hate/know the person, no one should have to expirience it.

So yeah, this was my contribution to self injury awareness day 2012, also today I am wearing an orange ribbon in my hair and on my wrist. Sorry for the long ass post guys, have a nice day <3

(stole @dulcemoni’s picture :P)

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